RHI & Carbon Reduction

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) Bristol

The government backed (RHI) Renewable Heat Incentive guarantee's the success for both the domestic and commercial sectors.

The worlds first renewable heat incentive was launched to reduce emissions and assit the UK government in meeting its targeted obligations.

The commercial RHI is already in place with some attractive tarrifs designed to offset the cost of installing carbon reducing technologies. The best part of 2015 has seen higher tarrifs for heat pumps introduced bringing it in line with the payback opportunities offered by PV & Biomass systems.

Please feel free to contact our consultants for an individual assesment on the potential operating savings and RHI value for your project.

Funding and Carbon Reduction

With growing demand and emphasis on renewable, greener technologies installing heat pumps has never been more attractive and financially viable thanks to the government (RHI) Renewable Heat Incentive and fantastic finance packages on offer.

Our team of experts can advise on the most sustainable heat pump for any given application and also guide you through the process of applying for funding or finance options to maximise the financial returns and long term carbon reduction of the scheme.